About Us

I am Ghalem, owner of White Tiger Bhutan Tours. I look forward to meeting you and making your stay in Bhutan the most memorable, joyful trip of your life. Here at White Tiger Bhutan Tours we do things a bit differently. I personally plan each trip, and I am present for most trips. We love to specialize in personalized tours of sites that are less touristic, off the beaten track, luxury tours, intimate views of Bhutanese life, and custom travel just for you.

I grew up in a very large family in the mountain rice fields of Punakha with many brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. We have hundreds of relatives and friends throughout Bhutan, and we all help each other. My 98-year old grandmother calls me the organizer in my family. I’m somehow the engine, and everything happens like clockwork because of our deep love and respect for each other. I’m also an expert chef, driver, organizer, people-networker, and mother of two girls.

My name Ghalem means “Auspicious Sign”. You’ll soon learn that every person’s name in Bhutan has a Buddhist meaning to help them on their path. For example, my daughter is Kyizom, meaning “Gathering of Peace”.

My sister-in-law, Jane Barthelemy, is an American Buddhist writer, married to my brother Damchey, called Lama Dungtsho. Together Jane and I have created White Tiger Bhutan Tours, a unique invitation for you to experience the inner secrets of Bhutanese culture. Our ancient traditions of peace and kindness come from deep roots of Buddhism in our blood. It’s difficult to explain, so you really must come to experience first-hand the refreshing purity of our traditions and the breathtaking natural beauty of our land.

Whether you are coming as two or fifty persons, if you are planning a personal holiday, a family gathering, a special wedding, retreat, convention, or a trek, we are ready to serve you in every budget range. We have luxury tours and five-star accommodations for those who need a little TLC comfort. We offer eco-tours for trekkers and hikers. We do monastery tours for those who wish to experience the pure Nyingma Buddhist art and monastic way of life that is very much alive in Bhutan. We can arrange farm visits to show you how to make fresh butter and cheese. We offer traditional Bhutanese meals, mindful food, and can accommodate special dietary needs. For a small fee, we can arrange extra services such as rafting on the Punakha river, spa treatments to help you relax after a long trip, or a traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath to soothe aching muscles. There is a $40 visa fee per person. After that your trip expense is fully inclusive of all accommodations, meals, vehicle, driver, professional guide, and most activities.

I look forward to hearing from you. Email me at whitetbtours@gmail.com. Or message me on Facebook @whitetigerbhutan. I look forward to serving you in the authentic Bhutanese way!