Let us help you plan your special event, whether it’s a Workshop, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Convention, Corporate meeting, Family Reunion, or Bucket List Retreat with friends. We can provide you with top accommodations, meals, A/V equipment, and meeting spaces that you need for any size group. We can offer personal amenities and colorful cultural sights to make your trip to Bhutan something that resonates long after your stay is over.

Just being in Bhutan’s pristine environment and friendly culture will allow the stress to melt. This creates an ideal condition to find peace and clarity for the next steps in your path. The Bhutanese people you meet will remain in your heart, creating a network of synchronicities and emotional connections that endure for the rest of your life.

Smart eco-travel means we consider your comfort, as well as the environment impact or our activities. Bhutan is highly aware of preserving our rich natural resources. Bhutan was recently awarded the “Sustainable Destinations’ Earth Award” at the International Tourismus-Borse in Berlin, Germany, the world’s leading travel trade show. The award was in recognition of Bhutan’s commitment to responsible tourism and preservation of nature. Bhutan’s approach to low-impact tourism and development is also in line with its guiding philosophy, Gross National Happiness.

Let White Tiger Bhutan Tours make it easy for you, by handling all your local reservations and Visa paperwork. Tell us your priorities, and we’ll suggest a customized itinerary to meet your needs. Call us to discuss your special event needs. 975-1739-2579.