Bhutan is seemly  a great destination to do day hikes that takes you up and  close  to many hill-top villages, remote valleys, monasteries, retreat centres. The trails that lead to these destinations are sometimes a small path on the ridge of terraces rice fields. In some case it’s paved with wild flowers during spring. During winter, the walk may trigger the sound emanated  by stirring dry shedded deciduous leaves, breaking the silence of stilly forests. Largely, it traverse through farm houses, field, school etc , a typical case where the journey is as beautiful as the destination.

In these years, it is seen that most guests like to add a day or two of camping with their cultural tours or to incorporate as much as hike in their cultural odyssey. Probably,  the best way to experience the country, as it allows greater opportunity to see and get the feel of quaint natural ambience at leisurely walking pace. In the process, the opportunities get enhanced to exchange a few words with laymen, farmers, monks, students etc, translating  into lending  insights into religious, social and cultural structures.

Keeping the above in mind, our itinerary are resilience and every effort are redeemed to allow it to flourish incorporating your inclinations, interests and likings. There are several opportunities for day hikes from comforts of the hotels.

Aesthetically, taking it a step further, a day or 2 at the most camping under starry Himalayan sky and for that matter even farm house stay overnight potentially can add a new dimensions to your experience.