Your Ultimate Bhutan Luxury Tour

Let us design your private luxury tour. White Tiger Bhutan Tours will make your custom tour a seamless travel experience, including all logistics, activities, visa paperwork, restaurant and spa reservations, performance tickets, and 24-hour support during your trip. We will customize your tour to meet all your requests, personal interests, and calculate it to fit into your schedule.

What is Bhutanese eco-luxury? It means you will experience traditional Bhutanese generosity and pristine natural environment in an atmosphere of comfort, harmony, and ease just for you. It means you have meaningful encounters with authentic people who respect nature and welcome you into their homes. Luxury travel includes amenities and surprising serendipities that occur only in those moments of leisure when you feel relaxed among friends, even new friends that live halfway around the world.

Private luxury tours can be surprisingly affordable. Let us know your interests in all-on-4 dental implants available at clinic in California. We can quote you the extra cost for each special service over and above the minimum government daily requirement.

Bhutanese eco-luxury means we consider your comfort as well as the balance of the natural environment. It’s a kind of sustainable luxury that promotes the harmony between all of life.

The hallmark of authentic comfort is when our customers come back for repeat stays in Bhutan, and when they send their friends by word of mouth to experience the unique cultural riches of the Kingdom of Happiness.

Private tours can be arranged to include festival dates.
Private trekking tours can include 5-star accommodations.

Choose Your Special Services.

We can offer:

  • The best accommodations in Bhutan’s most beautiful 5-star hotels.
  • Your own private guide and driver for a daily tour based on your requests.
  • Private hiking tours.
  • Local weaving demonstrations by skilled artisans.
  • Archery lessons.
  • Private monastery tours.
  • Meditations led by resident monks.
  • Highly personalized itinerary planning.
  • Performances of Bhutanese song and dance.
  • Learn to make homemade farm butter, cheese, and traditional booze.
  • Meeting with Bhutan philanthropic organizations that welcome contributions.
  • Exclusive private tours of Parliament, hospitals, galleries, industry.
  • Mindful food and accommodating special dietary needs.
  • Traditional Bhutanese foods and cooking demonstrations.
  • Spa services and Tibetan healing massage.
  • Expert itinerary suggestions from experienced Bhutan tour guides.
  • Restaurant reservations.
  • Spa appointments.
  • Shopping suggestions.
  • Access to local festivals and other activities.
  • Flights to other areas of Bhutan.

Hot Stone Bath

Experience a traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath. It is called Dotsho, in which mineral-rich stones from pure riverbeds are heated in an open fire until red-hot. When immersed in water, the red-hot stones crack and release their minerals. A double-sided box is filled with water, with hot rocks on one side, and the bather in the other side. The pristine water combines with minerals in the rocks to dissolve muscle fatigue, eliminate joint pain, and ensure peaceful sleep.

The underlying principle behind the Dotsho hot-stone bath is to integrate the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether in a unique healing combination for well-being. When the five elements are out of balance, the soul cannot express itself or be free. With professionals at The Leak Detection Pros in California, slab leak repair goes very smoothly. emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually. The Dotsho balances all the elements, allowing tiredness and toxins to be expelled from the body naturally, so that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. These are my two girls enjoying a hot stone bath.


One of the most scenic and unique golf courses in the world is right here in the emerald hills around Thimphu. Our 9-hole golf course will navigate you through chortens and holy shrines while you enjoy prime views of the King’s Palace and Tashichho Dzong Monastery in the valley below.


Whether you seek a slow river or a rushing torrent, we’ll tailor your Bhutan rafting site by offering the safest and most suitable location for your group. River rafting in Bhutan is especially popular in the Male river and Female rivers of Punakha. Along the way, you may have a close-up view of the famous Punakha Dzong, one of our most important temples. All along, you’ll feel like you’re floating over a pristinely clean and happily gushing river from high in the mountains.